American Artist Amy Hutcheson creates large abstract paintings that are a response to daily life. Her compositions explore relationships between space, line, color and form. Each canvas begins with an idea of a figurative image that is then translated into a series of abstract shapes. Forms intersect and overlap to create a strong figure-ground relationship. Surfaces are layered on top of each other and then erased and manipulated.  As a result, each image unfurls then curls up within itself, folding and unfolding at the same time. Each painting explores what is intimate, what is on display, what is cherished and abandoned. Many of her pieces reveal pencil marks to show the artists hand, inviting the viewer to extend their gaze along the picture plane. 

Hutcheson’s works are fueled by joy, physical movement and synesthesia. Her interest in mark-making originates from her background in illustration. For the artist, the marks that lay just under the surface reveal the most intimate aspects of the self. Each title of work further unveil hints and give pause to the viewer. Working in a large scale, each piece becomes a transformative environment. 

Her work has been exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States including, Globe Fine Art, Santa Fe; Mongerson Gallery, Chicago; The Ground Floor Gallery, Nashville; and Jack Robinson Gallery, Memphis. Her work is included in several private and corporate collections in Memphis and Chicago.

Born 1972, Kalamazoo, Michigan

 Education - Bachelors of Fine Art from Memphis College of Art - 2004

 Solo Shows

    2017  “Transmissions” Callioppe Gallery, Memphis, Tennessee

    2015  “Of Weight and Light and Space” Mongerson Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

    2014  New Works , Church Center, Memphis, Tennessee

    2012  "Shifting and Being” Invitational, Memphis Collage of Art Alumni Gallery, Memphis, TN

    2012  “Transformation" Invitational,Nathan and Dorothy Shainberg Gallery, Memphis, TN

    2011  "Transformation"  Invitational,Playhouse on the Square, Memphis, TN 

    2010  “Urban Jungle” Invitational, Askew, Nixon and Ferguson, Memphis, TN 

    2009  “Playing in Traffic”Invite, Memphis Botanic Gardens, Memphis,TN

    2008   “Pura Vida” , Eclectic Eye, Memphis, TN

    2007  “Intersections”, Eclectic Eye, Memphis, TN

    2006  “Straight from the Hip”Eclectic Eye, Memphis, TN

    2005  “If This Is My Eden”, Eclectic Eye, Memphis, TN

    2002. “Rejoice”,  Painted Planet, Memphis, TN


 Group Exhibitions

    2008      Broad Street Art Walk,  Invitational, The Hungry Artist Gallery, Memphis, TN.Curated by Larry Patton.

    2007     Broad Street Art Walk,  Invitational, The Hungry Artist Gallery, Memphis, TN. Curated by Larry Patton.


 Juried Shows

  2012  From The Ground Up, Juried, The Ground Floor Gallery, Nashville, TN, Curated by Janet Yanez

  2012    Real People, Northwest Area Art Council, Crystal Lake, Illinois


  2012 Best in Show,  From The Ground Up, The Ground Floor Gallery, Nashville, TN, Juror N. Elizabeth Schlatter

  2011  Nominee, Emmett O'Ryan Award for Artistic Inspiration, Nominated by The Brooks Museum

  Corporate Collections

  Sedgwick, Memphis, TN

  Horne LLC, Memphis, TN

  Credit One Building, Chicago, IL

  Askew, Nixon and Ferguson Architect Firm, Memphis, TN

  Theo’s Bistro, Memphis, TN

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