Annie OBrien Gonzales

There’s something about still life. It’s slightly voyeuristic, but yet private—a glimpse into a private life—which intrigues me. I love the common objects which make up our daily lives—flowers, food, a cherished vase. My paintings depict shallow space, unusual shapes and inventive use of color. My art heroes are Cezanne, Van Gogh and of course, Matisse. My work relies on color, form and pattern in that order. I am best described as a colorist and I work in oil, acrylic and mixed media using collage elements, beeswax, dry pigments, graphite, and pastels. In addition to the usual brushes, I employ scrapers, brayers, and many other mark-making tools. The process involves multiple layers and responding to what appears on each surface as the painting evolves. My aim is to evoke the sense of joy I experience as I create paintings in the viewer as well.


Annie earned her BS & MS from the University of Oklahoma and her Ph.D. in Higher Education at the University of Northern Colorado where she was honored with the Distinguished Alumnae Award. She also studied painting and art history in the BFA program at Oregon State University. She achieved the rank of Associate Professor in her successful academic career at several colleges and universities prior to pursuing her passion for art full-time. For the last nine years she has been a professional artist, painting out of her studio on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM. She is represented by several galleries across the country and recently was honored with a museum acquisition of her work. She utilizes her academic expertise to teach innovative painting workshops in her studio, at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, NM, Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, NM and venues across the country. She is active in the Santa Fe arts community as a Docent at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and leads Georgia O’Keeffe Landscape Tours at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, NM. Her paintings appear in numerous shows and are in private and museum collections. Her book titled “Bold Expressive Painting” will be published by Northlight Books in Fall, 2015.



Oregon State University, BFA studies
University of Oklahoma, BS, MS
University of Northern Colorado, PhD, Higher Education


*Incite 3: The Art of Storytelling Northlight Books-winner, 2015
*29 Top Artists Share Their Secrets, Acrylic Artist Magazine Special Issue, Summer, 2014
*Permanent Collection: The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho, 2013
*Incite 2: Color Passions Northlight Books-winner, 2014
*Contemporary Fine Art International, 2nd Place, 2013
*Artist Profile: In the Studio, Visual Language: Visual Arts Magazine, March, 2013
*Incite 1: Dreams Realized: The Best of Mixed Media Northlight Books-winner, 2013
*Artist Profile, Professional Artist Magazine, July 2013
*Flowerona Profile, July, 2013*Honorable Mention, CFAI Winter Juried Show, “Elegance”
*Showcase Winner: ArtSlant, March, 2012, January, 2011, September, 2010, July, 2010, May, 2010
*Featured Artist, Straw House Gallery, Amado, Arizona, April, 2010


Painting Techniques for Still Lifes, Florals and Landscapes in Mixed Media


A book to help you loosen up and paint! You’ll discover a fresh approach to working in acrylic or oil, using an expressive approach that reflects your emotions and passions.
• Methods for creating a personal palette and experimenting with color
• Ways to develop innovative compositions that incorporate personal symbols and imagery
• Techniques for working with collage, stencils, monoprinting and more

About the Author:
Annie is a professional painter, teacher and writer with a Ph. D in higher education. She works and teaches out of her studio on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM, and her work is represented by several galleries in the United States. She is a docent at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and a Ghost Ranch Georgia O’Keeffe Tour Guide.

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