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“Cherry Bomb!” by Laura Goodwin

Gallery Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 11am - 5pm


“This body of work is dedicated to my late mother. Her beauty, warmth and sense of humor inspires me daily to persevere and follow my dreams. Hopefully these new works reflect some of the joy and light she brought me and to so many others in her long life.


 The Ferrari Series- sleek and smooth incorporate an Italian glass working technique ‘Reticello’ (glass with a small network).  It is a type of blown glass made with canes crisscrossed to form a fine net, often trapping tiny air bubbles in a pattern. ‘Modela Prima’ balances beauty and humor with its oversized cherries. 


     In ‘Ripresa Veramente’ I used rare neodymium or Alexandrite glass which has the ability to absorb lights of different spectrum to change color.  Some of the cherries in 'Summer Blues’ are made with neodymium glass as well. 


     Lastly my ‘Trio’ play off one another much like musicians- ’Sogni d’Oro’ (Dreams of Gold), ‘Blue Moon’ and 'Pink Cadillac’ create a perfect harmony.”



Cherry Boat Trio W.jpg
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