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Alyssia Lazin and Pavel Kapic “Confluence”


July 6th - August 3, 2018

Opening July 6th 5pm-7pm

Alyssia Lazin & Pavel Kapic, husband and wife, have combined their art as photographer and painter to create a body of work entitled “Confluence”. The work embodies an interdisciplinary approach that shifts the traditional boundaries of their media. The writer Susan Sontag said “The painter constructs, the photographer discloses.” Lazin’s photographs, printed on canvas and paper are the inspiration and the initial imagery for Kapic’s mixed media paintings.
Much like other couples who have been influenced and inspired by one another, (Christo and Jeanne Claude, Gilbert and George, Marina Abramovic and Ulay), Lazin & Kapic decided to work together while maintaining their autonomy. Both are creating their own art yet collaborating, giving each other the freedom to work on their own terms.

About his collaborations with Lazin, Kapic shares, “We select the subject that is conducive to my interpretation. It has to inspire and challenge me. I try to respond to the photograph’s emotional underpinnings, first expanding on its theme in the margins, always respecting its structure and color tonality. Later I start intruding on the picture itself, while upholding the original intent. Thus the final piece is an amalgamation of our styles while the integrity of both is preserved. Through this process both artistic signatures are maintained, yet a new unique original has been born.”

This connecting of photography and painting is a smooth and easy evolution of their individual styles that ultimately results in a new artistic dimension. The result is a body of work titled “Confluence" - converging, meeting, flowing together - a labor of mutual respect and inspiration that yields new meaning to their art.

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