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Ehrenberg Collection

Betsy and Richard - Santa Fe.jpg

With a passion for antique paperweights and an engineer’s curiosity about contemporary glass, Richard and Betsy Ehrenberg built a museum quality collection of contemporary studio glass art glass.  Betsy and Richard have been married for over 20 years and both thrived in the Bay Area as a high-tech entrepreneur and engineer. In addition, Betsy founded two regional chapters of Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass, a non-profit that provides education and appreciation of art made from glass. 

Their Casa de Vidrio complex in Santa Fe, New Mexico, housed works by Lucy Lyon, Bobby Bowes, Charlie Miner, Noel Hart, Judy Chicago, Ben Edols and Cathy Elliott, Marlene Rose, Harry Pollitt, Katje Fritzche, Jody Naranjo, Walala Tjapaltjarri, John Lewis, Rik Allen, Robert Mickelson, Tammy Garcia, Delinda Vanne Brightyn and others. There are hundreds of works in their collection and we are thrilled to represent them as they make their collection available for purchase.

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