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"Enchanted Skies" by Reid Richardson


July 2nd - August 2nd, Opening Reception Friday, July 2 from 5-7pm

Gallery Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 11am - 5pm


Reid Richardson is a contemporary painter whose artwork celebrates the journey of life through the beauty of trees and clouds. His painting’s convey feelings of wonder and serve as a reminder of our connection to nature. He believes art is about discovery, both for the creator and observer.


“Trees have innate characteristics that parallel human existence.  We breathe together, sharing a symbiotic relationship which is mutually beneficial. A tree resembles the human body with branches that outstretch like nurturing arms bearing fruit to give new life. A crown full of personality and roots which dig deep within the soil affirming its rich history. We grow as a tree does, planting ourselves firmly in the ground of modern society and evolving with the ever-changing seasons.”


A graduate of Arizona State University painting program, he now pursues a fulfilling career as a contemporary landscape painter and professional print maker.  Currently living and working in Phoenix, Arizona his work has been exhibited in galleries both locally and internationally for the past twenty years.

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