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"Frequency of Color" a two person show with Gina Freschet and Ursula Brenner


June 4th - June 30th

Gallery Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 11am - 5pm

Globe Fine Art has established a reputation for its display of color. We are presenting the work of two artists who fit into this niche confidently. 


Ursula Brenner's canvases feature playful lines and markings which merrily lead us to color bombs. Opposites are often enlisted to energize these canvases. The invention of shapes and the animation of her 

line lends kinetic, vibratory energy to Brenner’s works. 


Gina Freschet is convinced that certain color combinations result in a vibratory frequency which is felt by the viewer.


In her series of paintings named for The Sacred Valley, Freschet experiments with the sometimes uneasy, sometimes glorious alliance between hues. When disparate colors are introduced, there is sure to be an impact. Some sparks and then, a collision of orange, pink, gold and purple.


This showcase of Ursula Brenner and Gina Freschet's work is a celebration of color. Come see it.

Gina Freschet
Ursula Brenner
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