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Heidi Goodyear

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In my paintings, I set out to investigate my interest in symbols, languages, maps, cryptography, mark making, talismans, beliefs, and what is left behind and carried forward. I paint from an instinctive place that is propelled by discovery rather than a plan, and that seeks an unfolding rather than an end goal.


Through color, texture, and mark making I am exploring how messy and how beautiful things can get. The layers of paint and the marks within those layers are representative of the way things grow and transform, of shifting relationships and complex stories—just as in life. And, through the medium of paint, my intention is to let go of what I thought I knew and unearth a world where beauty may look different than I initially imagined or expected, and where meaning is unfixed.


By allowing and encouraging things to be considered in a new way, there is an opportunity to treasure the unknown and to find excitement and perhaps even comfort in the mystery. And that opportunity and mystery is not only mine. Each time the painting is viewed, new layers surface. We are inclined to imbue meaning that evolves from our human tendency to tell stories and embrace beauty—even in what may seem abstract.


 Heidi Goodyear lives and paints in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 





1990     B.F.A., Ithaca College, NY


2019    Globe Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM, "Excavating Beauty"

2017    JFD Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, Group Show

2016    JFD Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, Group Show

1999 – 2007

Canyon Road Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM, One Person Show


1998    Canyon Road Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM, Group Show

             Fisher Gallery, Albuquerque, NM, Group Show

             Edible, Santa Fe, NM, One Person Show

             Santa Fe Baking Co, Santa Fe, NM, One Person Show

1997     Edible, Santa Fe, NM, Group Show

1996     Reddad Le Petit Musee, New York, NY, Group Show

1993     Zia, Santa Fe, NM, Two Person Show

1992     Zia, Santa Fe, NM, Group Show

1991     Café Decadence, Ithaca, NY, One Person Show

1990     Handwerker Gallery, Ithaca, NY, Senior Thesis Exhibition



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