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"Un Construction"
Heidi Goodyear
May 6th - June 5th

Heidi Goodyear Photo.jpeg
"Un Construction"

New works by Heidi Goodyear

Painting is my go to space for making sense of things that elude description or clarity in words or thoughts alone. It is a space where the outer world is muted and I can explore my own personal program and patterning. Painting for me is a bit like playing a video game, sometimes joyous and playful and other times heart pounding and difficult. Explore this level, master that pattern, and come face to face with climactic opponents (parts of myself) all from the safety of my own space.


The group of paintings presented here have surprised me a lot. Much of this is a reflection of my painting my way through significant life changes. In these works I am stepping into a space where the old rules and sensibilities that shaped and governed my life have been fraying, and in some places are all together dissolving. You are witnessing the passing of one way of knowing and the search for the next way of being and seeing.


In the work you may find visual fragments of codes, languages, keys, and structures all in transition of coming into or going out of focus. Exploring my own experiences and inner landscapes is how I discover and build compositions. In some cases they are revealings of things I wasn’t aware of, and in other cases they are more an alchemical process of creating the space I hope to inhabit or manifesting the me I want to be. 


Part of what drives me to paint is a love of beauty and not always in the traditional sense of the word. My family and friends might report that I can, at times, have an overly rosy view of what is real and right. My world is often a swirl of polar opposites. I have a harder time finding the middle ground. In my work, I find myself again and again searching for and trying to reveal the beautiful in all things. This leads me to the odd juxtapositions of ugly, uncomfortable, and raw elements with radiance, emergence, discovery, and balance. I hope these relics of my process are a springboard for fruitful explorations.

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