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Stephanie Shank “High Frequency” 


May 11 - June 8, 2018

Opening May 11th 5pm-7pm

My paintings are very accessible on a purely aesthetic level, but they touch on deeper issues if you allow yourself some time to absorb the imagery. My vision ranges from the literal to the conceptual, from abstract landscape paintings to figurative expressionism. I typically don't represent any of the elements of nature faithfully. The images are meant to touch the subconscious mind of the viewer, evoking a primal feeling and capturing a universal visual language. By painting with a spontaneous, gestural expression, my work informs a dynamic impression of raw emotion and the power of now. 

Color will always evoke a realm of feeling and memory for me. Through the language of color, non-referential mark-making, and gestural paint handling, my abstract expressionist paintings represent a culmination of an emotional experience relating to a balance between lightness and darkness, agitation and bliss. There is always some evidence of what came before, always uncertainty and inevitable change. In essence, the paintings are constructed as organically and irrationally as life itself.

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