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"Instances of Time" by Richard Potter 

Opening Reception Friday October 1st, 5-7 pm


October 1st - November 1st

Gallery Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 11am - 5pm

A visit to Spain and Portugal gave rise to a new sense of what a painting can be and all that it can hold. These paintings are not a depiction of visual 

fact but of embodied perceptions and sensations that the viewer can immerse themselves in.


These paintings are representations of encounters, memories and perceptions, intermingling with sensations, scents and sounds. They are colors, alive and vibrating in space. In many ways these paintings are not meant to be seen, but rather experienced.

Richard Potter grew up in New Mexico with the arroyos, mountains and hills in his backyard. He has often said that his landscape paintings naturally flow 

out of him. These paintings are representations of how it feels to find yourself in the high desert. Through his palate he explores the differentiation and nuances of light on the mountains, the plains and everything in between. In these paintings, he captures the vibrancy of the natural world.Richard’s passion for his work and application of his medium is reminiscent of Paul Cezanne.

The encaustic painting process came to Richard’s attention almost 20 years ago. The fluidity of the paint was immediately appealing as was the transparency of the wax. “It is a very earthy and improvisatory technique in addition to being refined and sophisticated”.

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