Josh Pass

My work is architecturally inspired adornment for space that is reaction to life, nature and interpersonal communication. I draw inspiration from the historical forms of African, Oceanic and Northwest Coast Native American cultures as well as drawing upon modern architectural achievements. The blending of cultural references in my work refers to the merging or borrowing of Eastern and Western cultures within each other, resulting in a homogenizing world.

Each sculpture starts with a natural unique form(s) and is combined with fabricated steel elements. Most of these elements have typically been discarded as trash, so each element has already had a life of it’s own and carries a history within itself. The incorporation of architecture references the way in which knowledge, wealth and great accomplishments of past civilizations are marked and evaluated through their art and architectural creations. The results are pieces that narrate dynamics within our world.

Each piece carries a message of seeking balance within our selves, one another, and with our environment. My work inspires the viewer to value and hold respect for Nature while encouraging a new view of going forward into the future. Incorporating art into life, and life into art, are my goals and I am driven to pursue them as far as I can.

I have followed generation after generation in my family of being a maker, while being the first to venture in to the world of fine art. Art was important early in my life, I developed a strong infatuation with any educational opportunity to learn about visually communicating. My history and experiences are what feed my art. Born 1979 a native to Colorado, vast open spaces and dramatic plane changes are important to me and communicate where I am from. A love for various cultures is important in informing my art; references to Eastern culture, Western culture and Native cultures all can be found in my work. My career path also plays an important part in feeding my work. Starting out as a machinist, I learned how to transform metal through the use of various tools. Seeking to be more involved in the arts I took a job at a designer jewelry company, Todd Reed Inc. Working my way up from a bench Jeweler I have found my self working close with the designer on new designs as well as taking on a managerial role. That experience has really fortified my sense of design, production and leadership. While I earned my Bachelor of Fine Art degree I realized how important workshops, lectures and short mentorships can be, they have really shaped me as an artist as well. The most influential of these have been with artists such as Mike Clapper, Carl Reed, Mark Cezark, Hoss Haley and Albert Paley. Visually composing through making art is very important to me, it is imperative for me to be in the studio as much as possible.

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