stained steel 69 x 41


painted steel 72 inches tall


cast bronze 19 x 8 x 26


cast bronze one of five

Rhombic Cube Dual
Rhombic Cube Dual

steel 96 x 24

Phi Penta Star
Phi Penta Star

cast bronze 2/5 12 x 18 x 17


cast bronze



The Elements of Sacred Geometry

Hovland explores the realms of sacred geometry and spirituality, music and science, and expresses those in bronze and steel, mimicking nature through a combination of philosophy, spatialism, abstract expressionism, and minimalism. A balance is achieved creating elegant interplay between positive and negative, technology and the natural world, with a sense of simultaneously interacting order and chaos. Hovland incorporates the Fibonnacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio, observed in such things as sunflowers and pine cones, the arrangement of branches on plant stems, and veins in leaves, the geometry of crystals, and the human body. The designs use this literal geometry and, with repetition as fractals, become shapes that resonate with organic design, bringing the viewer into a deeper relationship and greater conscious and unconscious connection with the inherent patterns of the natural world.

Professional Honors:

2014  Gallatin Art Crossing – People’s Choice Award – Sculpture, “Phosphorous Bronze Pillar” chosen for purchase

2015 – Sculpture, “Phosphorous Bronze Pillar” donated to Gallatin Art Crossing by the artist

2013  Two sculptures chosen for Art In Public Places, City of Santa Fe Arts Commission

2013  Artwork featured on the cover of Ecosource magazine

2013  Artist Profile Around 505 magazine, Albuquerque, NM

2013  Artwork featured in The Catalogue, Santa Fe, NM

2012  Artwork included in the Museum of The Golden Ratio ␣ Geometry of Life & Art

2011-Present- Instructor, Tarnoff Art Center, Santa Fe

2007  Oshara Village Sculpture Competition, Santa Fe

Westmont College, 1978

Santa Fe Community College

Instructor, Tarnoff Art Center

Seclected Galleries and Shows

2016 The Globe Gallery

2015 –  Gallery 901, Santa Fe, New Mexico  

2013 – Present – Gallatin Art Crossing, Art in Public Places in Bozeman, Montana – 2 pieces on loan

2013-14  The William & Joseph Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2013  Solo Exhibition, “Rhythms in Geometry” The William and Joseph Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2011 “Fresh Goods and Staples” MultiMedia Art Show, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2011 Caldera Gallery – Group Show, “Hide & Seek” Santa Fe, New Mexico

2008  Solo Exhibition, “Geometry of the Curve”  A. Corso Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2007 – Present – Laird Hovland Sculpture Studio, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2007 – Santa Fe Community College Art Gallery, “Set, Subset” Santa Fe, New Mexico

2006 –  The Artists of Santa Fe” Tana Georgieff Gallery of Fine Art,  The Artists of Santa Fe” Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

2005-2006 – Selby Fleetwood Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2004-2015 – La Cienega Sculpture Ranch, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2003 – Center for Contemporary Art, Peace Show, Artists’ Resistance Movement,  Santa Fe, New Mexico

2002 –  Plan B, Center for Contemporary Arts “Collect” small works show, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2001-2002 – Shidoni Art Gallery, Tesuque, New Mexico

2001 – Yellowstone Art Museum, Small Works Auction, Billings, Montana

2000 – Margeaux Kurti Fine Art, Madrid, New Mexico