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"Nature's Gift" by Tim Althauser


August 6th - August 30th

Gallery Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 11am - 5pm


Tim Althauser is a man who knows tree’s intimately. For 20 years he was a tree faller. However, after a brain aneurism he found himself immortalizing trees through painting. 

Being self-taught and having natural aptitude, he began by painting local churches. Somehow this didn't satisfy so Tim turned to the subject he had treated all his life - trees. He lived among trees and knew them intimately, observed them closely. His natural course was to paint them with loving detail as they rose to the sky and sheltered those below. Our vantage point is from lying beneath their protective canopy, looking up. It's a dizzying feeling, one that most people find uplifting - to look up at green or golden leaves burnishing a bright blue sky.

Tim's technique is painstaking and applied with much care. His pointalist brush strokes are all colors of brown and gold. If one looks closely you can find dots of royal blue and crimson in the bark of Aspens. His paints and brushes are meticulously arranged and you can see the reverence he holds for the magnificent trees he once felled.

Aspen Sienna 48 x 40 web.jpeg
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