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Jim Pittman




Jim was born and raised in the Tidewater area of Virginia. He has a

B.A. degree in Art History from the College of William and Mary in

Williamsburg, Virginia. He founded the art departments for Tidewater 

Academy and Surry County High School and has further studied in Italy, Spain and workshops in Maine and California.


A traditional watercolorist for many years, a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon inspired him to use more color and textures. His work became more minimal with a move to acrylic on canvas 


He is represented in many private and corporate collections in the U.S., London, Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore and Germany. The Denver Art Museum has one of his canyon paintings in their permanent collection.


Jim maintains studios in Boulder, Colorado and Sandbridge, Virginia.




My work is landscape reduced to a grid like compositional structure. I use a vibrant color palette, painterly texture and  a luminous sense of light. There is no preplanning or drawing. Paint is applied with a knife and mixed on the canvas intuitively in many layers. Perspective is reduced to simple lines either drawn or scratched into the surface. I try to take the landscape and essentialize it in an interesting and meaningful way.

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