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"Dwelling Places"
Richard Potter
September 1st - October 2nd
Gallery Hours:  Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm, Sunday 11am - 5pm

Globe Fine Art is delighted to showcase the encaustic works of painter Richard Potter. The encaustic medium, developed by the ancient Greeks, has evolved over time as a technique that allows artists the opportunity to explore endless possibilities of expression. For Potter, working with the alchemical incorporative properties that the encaustic process can encompass-orchestrating the colors, and using the transparency of the wax for layers and depth-is both satisfying and challenging. His wax compositions transport the viewer to places both familiar and exotic, reminding us to relish the beauty of life; the simple, the profound, and everything in-between. 

Dwelling Places... Each step takes us to sacred places. 

"From the streets we walk down to taking in the mountains, ocean and sky, the colors and sounds of these moments offer opportunities to dwell in and embrace the basic elements of life. We expand when we are truly present, or one with, our surroundings. 

Wax painting allows for this inhabiting experience. Like oils, beeswax is an organic, sensual medium: the big blocks of wax, the various scents emanating from the melting wax, and the colors within the wax inspire a unity of artist and medium. 


The encaustic painting process is an exploration and journey from beginning to end: no defined rules; no traditional parameters. Developing a personal relationship with the wax painting technique is part of the dwelling process. The artist defines the space in which to dwell and dwelling in the space defines the artist.”


~Richard Potter  

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