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"Breathing Color"
Reid Richardson
July 5th - August 2nd
Gallery Hours:  Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm, Sunday 11am - 5pm

Globe Fine Art is delighted to showcase the works of contemporary painter, Reid Richardson. Richardson’s artwork celebrates the journey of life through the beauty of trees and magnificent skies. In “Breathing Color”, Richardson highlights our symbiotic relationship with trees and how we breathe together. The calm essence of this series inspires a meditative communion with the present moment. 

"Trees have innate characteristics that parallel human existence. We breathe together, sharing a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship. A tree resembles the human body with branches that outstretch like nurturing arms bearing fruit to give new life, crowns full of personality, and roots that dig deep within the soil affirming its rich history. We grow as a tree does, planting ourselves firmly in the ground of modern society and evolving with the ever-changing seasons."

~Reid Richardson

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