Ruben Fasani

Ruben was born in Argentina in 1960. He studied at the National School of Ceramics, getting an Artistic Ceramics Technician Degree.

In 1991 he traveled through Japan and Europe for six months, visiting the principal centers in Ceramics and Glass, where he contacted some workshops interchanging experiences.

He works in stoneware (pottery and sculptures) and he has been doing “fused glass” since 1996.

He works with flat glass (Float glass), fusing different layers and shapes on a lost cast, obtaining an individual touch in each piece.
He likes to discover and experiment with the different characteristics and
possibilities of glass including transparencies, textures, stretching, etc., All of these elements go together into a final concept.

The “Naves” series shows people and goods traveling today, around the world . Two or more layers of glass seize forms, that trigger the imagination of the observer.

“The Silent Multitude” series is composed of a lot of human glass figures representing different situations for people to think about. Ruben combines two techniques in these work, lost wax and fused glass.

The artist also produces glass vases with flat glass. He makes color glass strings and glass blocks and he puts them into the pieces


Important  awards and exhibitions

-1987 AWARD for the ENAMEL XXXIV Argentine Center of  Ceramic Art

  •      Second Place Award, Small  Size  Sculpture  “Espacios Gallery”

  • 1988 Honorable Mention Argentine Center of  Ceramic Art

  • First Place Award, First Biennial, Best of the World Ceramics

  • 1989 First Place Award, ( Pottery) Annual Argentine Center of Ceramic Art

  • 1991 Honorable Mention, National Hall of Ceramics

-Second Place Award,  Municipal Hall of Ceramics. Munic of Avellaneda

  • 1993- 98° International Artistic Ceramics Contest, Faenza, Italy

– third Place Award,  National Hall of Ceramics Argentina

  • 1994 Honorable Mention, Autumn Hall Argentine Society of Artists.

Honorable Mention  Municipal Hall of Sculpture   M. Belgrano

  • 1997-First Place Award, Municipal Hall of Ceramics Avellaneda, Bs. As.

  • 1999- First Place Award, National Hall of Ceramics, Argentina.

  • 2000- Honor Award“Presidente de la Nación Argentina”, National Hall of Ceramics Argentina


-Municipal Hall of Sculpture

-Exhibition Gral. San Martin Cultural Center

-II Municipal Hall of Ceramics Avellaneda Bs. As.

-Biennial Municipal Hall  Munic. Quilmes

– public II Simposio of Ceramics.  Munic.  Avellaneda.

-Collection of the State Institute of Arts FA Grue per la Ceramica, CASTELLI, ITALY.

-Exhibition of Argentine National Awards, PARIS, FRANCE2001

-Art Fest Fort Myers (Fort Myers Florida EEUU).

-Boca Raton Art Festival (Boca Raton Florida EEUU)

-Saint Louis Art  Festival (Clayton  Missouri)

-Participated in  Pure Design.  Show of Argentine Designers.

-2002 International Biennial of Ceramics, El Cairo, Egypt

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