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Petra Schott


Born in 1953 in Hannover, Germany, Petra Schott is an abstract painter whose art revolves around states of mind, longings, and memories. The artist—who had a long career as a lawyer and judge before dedicating herself to art—delicately creates colorful representations of nostalgia, freedom, and human relationships.


Highly influenced by the works of Cy Twombly, Leiko Ikemura, Joan Mitchell, Marlène Dumas, Elisabeth Cummings, and Henri Matisse, the artist’s work is emotionally charged and in direct dialogue with the viewer who is invited into an open space for expression.


In Schott’s work, color plays a crucial role in evoking a certain moment, feeling, or connection as she weaves personal and collective memories into shapes, marks, and lines found in her everyday life, creating an abstract language of painting that oscillates between lyrical abstraction and figurative references.


Schott has exhibited extensively in solo and group shows in Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland, and the Czech Republic.


The artist currently lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.


“The intuitive, abstract use of color, line, and shape is my way of dealing with the daily processing of my life. I absorb colors and shapes, events, and conversations, let them trigger an inner dialogue and inner images, and then transform this conglomerate on the canvas into my very personal, visual reality.


This sensual-emotional act on the canvas creates something new that wants to illuminate the little secrets of life, without which this world cannot exist. My art opens the space beyond words and thus creates a new freedom of immediate knowledge and feeling. It absorbs human longings, experiences, and visions, and gives them a new urgency and substance.”

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