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"Earth Imagined"
Ann Vandervelde
June 30th - July 31st

Opening: Friday, June 30 5-7pm

“Earth Imagined” by Ann Vandervelde


June 30th - July 31st

Gallery Hours:  Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm, Sunday 11am - 5pm

Globe Fine Art is delighted to showcase the works of Lopez Island, Washington painter Ann Vandervelde. Her materials are a mixture of papers, acrylics, oil pastels, and graphite. Shape takes form, and images appear and disappear like building a story...a beginning, middle, and climax.  For Vandervelde the challenge is to accept that a composition is never quite done; that it has the capacity to evolve and change and be understood separate from the initial vision.

New works by Vandervelde reveal her explorations of the Earth. Her paintings speak of mountains, water, flight, and nature. She fills the canvas with color, texture, and light, inviting her viewers to let the images augment and inform their own relationship with the Earth. 

"Nature, of course, plays such a huge role in my works. I am fascinated by the repetitive shapes, the rhythms, the curves and angles and lights and darks of life. We tend to take for granted so much of what we see and we usually see images as large whole compositions. Like a scientist or naturalist I think it’s important to take something apart; break it down into pieces and then bit by bit reshape."  ~Ann Vandervelde 

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