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Rich Wojdula

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Artist Statement:

My work is based on the nuances and dynamics of light, color, and shape. Specifically, I am intrigued with the interaction of a painting's elements, such as line and the tensions/affects which it encounters with the spatial field. The diversions and paths in the process of painting as a result of unperceived "accidents" provides me with surprises and unformulated results. Subliminal content beneath subsequent painted surfaces, the impact of immediate markings, and expressive gestures all contribute to a cumulative personal expressive journey. 

"We can never know things in themselves but only how they appear in experience."  -Immanuel Kant 

Artist Bio:

Rich Wojdula's career as an artist spans several decades. Classically trained in drawing and painting, he later became an accomplished functional and nonfunctional ceramic artist while still pursuing his 2-D artwork. In the early 1990s, in collaboration with another artist and business associate, Patricia Crawford, he created a series of "boxes" and large sculptural pieces with moving gears. Based on old movies, irreverent depictions of art, and current issues, political and non-political, these metaphorical wooden automata literally "took off" under the auspices of the Brigitta Schluger Gallery in Denver, Colorado. Television, featured newspaper coverage, and art shows followed. In 2002, Rich Wojdula returned to painting full-time and has since been represented by several galleries. Mr. Wojdula does not place an emphasis on "Style" as much as substance and competence in the execution of the idea/work. Having taught many disciplines of art over 30 years, he now enjoys this current time for the freedom it allows him to partake in further exploring the art process. He cites such artists as Richard Diebenkorn, Gerhard Richter, Mark Rothko, and the Abstract Expressionists of the 40s and 50s as having a strong influence on his development as an artist. Rich Wojdula's works are in collections throughout the United States and Canada.


2022          Globe Fine Art, One Man Show, Santa Fe, NM 

2022          G44 Gallery, One Man Show, Colorado Springs, CO

2021          Globe Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

2021          G44 Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO

2020          Globe Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

2020          G44 Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO

2019          Globe Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM 

2019          G44 Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO

2018          Globe Fine Art Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2018          Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center; One man show

2017          G44 Gallery One man show

2017          Artwork Network Gallery

2016          Artwork Network Gallery, Denver, CO; 3-man show        

2016          G44 Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO

2015          G44 Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO

2008-16     Saatchi Art 

2007          Exhibitrek Contemporary Gallery, Boulder, CO

2006          Exhibitrek Contemporary Gallery, Boulder, CO

2006          The Pikes Peak Center Juried Exhibition, Colorado Springs, CO

2005          Culture Clash Gallery, Salida, CO

2005          Deloney/Newkirk Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2005          Cogswell Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO

2005          Gallery, Guffey, CO

2004          Cogswell Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO

2004          Deloney/Newkirk Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2002          Cogswell Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO

2002          Gallery Nine Contemporary Art, Denver, CO

2001          Abend Gallery, Denver, CO

2001          The River Rock Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO

1998          Gallery Sophia George, Denver, CO

1996          The Brigritte Schluger Gallery, Denver, CO

1995          The Brigritte Schluger Gallery, Denver, CO

1995          The Lightside Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

1995          The Como No Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

1994          The Brigritte Schluger Gallery, Denver, CO

1994          Gallery Ten O Five, Colorado Springs, CO

1992          The Brigritte Schluger Gallery, Denver, CO

1992          Roby Mill Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO

1991          The Brigritte Schluger Gallery, Denver, CO

1991          The Adobe Wall Gallery, Lake City, CO

1990          The Brigritte Schluger Gallery, Denver, CO

1990          The Retrospective Gallery, La Jolla, CA

1990          The Artworks Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO

1990          The Ice House Invitational Show, Denver, CO

1989          Sangre de Christo Art Center, "Own Your Own Show," Pueblo, CO


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"The Independent", Colorado Springs, Colorado

"WestWord", Review by Nancy Clegg, Denver, CO.

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"The Denver Post", Press review/article by Steve Rosen on collaborative work with Pat Crawford, Artist.

"The New Indicator", University of California/San Diego Press

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Channel 13, Colorado Springs, CO., "Emphasis on the Arts" program on the construction "automata" works of artists Rich Wojdula and Pat Crawford.

"The Springs Magazine", Colorado Springs, CO. Feature article.


The Chicago Art Institute, Chicago, IL.

Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO.

The University of Colorado, Denver, CO

Vancouver School of Art, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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